3 Types of Concrete Foundation

Commercial building foundations are more exposed to wear and tear than residential buildings. The high pressure from the weight and size of the building contributes mainly to the stress that it feels. That is why it is important to build a strong and secure foundation to ensure the safety and lifespan of the building. Even though this is the part of the building that is not visible, it is indeed the most vital part since it anchors the building and helps it withstand pressure and environmental phenomenon. Concrete is the most efficient material to use as foundation since it is very economical, and it has a very good compressive capabilities to be able to endure heavy loading. 

Here are the most common types of foundations used in commercial buildings 

T-shaped foundation 

T-shaped concrete foundation is the commonly used type in building construction. This method is typically used in areas where ground freezes. The high amounts of pressure exerted on tall buildings are translated to the t-shaped foundations when ground freezing occurs. This ensures the safety of the building since this method resists freezing grounds. T-shaped concrete foundations are constructed by placing a footing below the frost line and then walls are added up to the top. The footing is design to be a lot wider than the wall to provide and extra anchor at the base of the foundation forming a inverted T shape. After placing the walls, the slabs are then added to solidify the foundation and provide greater stability to the buildings. 


The slab on grade foundation is widely used in areas where the ground doesn’t freeze. From the name itself, slab is being all poured at one time to the prepared soil to form integral footing, it is a single layer concrete and the thickness is quite a few inches, it is thicker at the bottom and being strengthened by reinforcing rods, hence, slab on grade is colossal. Slab on grade is ideal in locations where it doesn’t freeze because it can be damage by freeze heaves. 

Frost Protected 

This type of foundation is only used where it has a heating system in the building specially during winter, this foundation comprises an insulation material to help prevent cracks during freezing time. It has the same benefit as slab on grade type of foundation where it is all poured in one. Frost protected relies on using of two sheets of solid, it has polystyrene insulation that serves as the protected as the name suggestion, one will be put on the outside of the foundation wall the other one will be laid on the base of the wall on a gravel bed this is to avoid freezing and to prevent cracking, same issue with the slab on grade, that is why this foundation is only suitable for building or establishment with heating system. 

While there are still a lot of new methodology and techniques today, but one thing for sure, as long the foundation is strong, and the building is well polished there’s nothing to worry about! Get the best commercial concrete contractor Denver for quality work done by the professionals, they have been in the business for quite some time, guaranteed to deliver the job well done! 

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