All About Chiropractic Approach

Are all chiropractic treatments the same? This is actually a common question asked by veteran as well as new patients alike. The answer can be all-around and needs a little of an explanation pertaining to the medical practitioner’s history of chiropractic, the tools used, the approach to wellness and health, and the philosophy which drives the doctors in their business. 

Different Doctors, Different Approaches 

Chiropractic care providers practice various methods. Strokes can be different for different persons doing the treatment. Just like one person could see two lawyers from the same field of practice for one certain issue, and acquire two entirely different thought patterns or approaches about how to deal with the problem, same as with chiropractic. 


A chiropractic practice originated in the 1800s. A person during those times had his hearing impairment cured after he received the first chiropractic care done by the first chiropractic care provider. Strict chiropractic philosophy was discovered from this and embraced the idea that health is optimized when the central nervous system is capable of functioning without hindrance, and with a certain regard to the spine. In addition to that, when your spine is moving incorrectly due to some joint restrictions or sometimes termed as a misalignment, it creates a hindrance to your nervous system, hence, reducing the optimum health and function of your body. When the chiropractic treatment with the help of a North York Chiropractor is rendered and the hindrance is removed, your body has the intelligence and ability to restore functions to its highest possible level. 


Actually, there is some chiropractic care provider who selects to adhere closely to the chiropractic origins and there are also others who do not. Some believed that people live happier and healthier lives when the spine of an individual is moving freely and correctly, allowing the highest nervous system functioning possible. As a matter of fact, chiropractic care providers who practice this focus on using chiropractic treatment as part of their health care daily and routine life. 

This kind of care is given based on how your spine is moving as well as the optimum health of the client. This is not a pain-based care which means the client goes to the appointment for the reason of maintaining wellness and health as opposed to seeking for a specific symptom relief.  


Chiropractic literally means done by hand. Its primary tool is the adjustment wherein a force is enforced to the spinal joint restoring alignment and/or motion allowing the nervous system to run without hindrance. Most of the chiropractic care providers still use their hands, however, as years go by, there have been chiropractic instruments developed which are either used in assisting with or in place of the adjustments. 


There are a lot of techniques for chiropractic treatment. The human body will tend to have specific patterns of dysfunction. Furthermore, there are certain techniques developed to focus on patterns of dysfunction in specific ways. Some of these techniques use levers on tables or small instruments while others strictly use only the hands to assist with the adjustments. 


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